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A walk of fifteen miles on Saturday 6th January 2018

I dropped off the 6.1 about ten minutes out of Belper. From here I could have set off on a recently launched valley walk but today I’m heading west not north. The countryside is undulating and the ground very wet after so much rain. The paths are unsurprisingly quiet but offer some good views.

After passing a hamlet which reminds me of the Little and Large duo  the path crosses The Closes and here offers a view down a valley to a popular tourist town.

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Climbing Winn Lane is rewarded with a view towards a well known expanse of water which my route will almost circumnavigate.

A trig point on the map encourages a small detour and another surprise all round view, before I drop down to a village with a name I associate with cutlery. Here I make another detour to explore the village. The Red Lion is not yet open but I’m ready for lunch so sit in the porch of the spired church.

No ploughed fields on this walk but after so much soggy pasture I’m relieved to have a quite road to walk along where I get a surprise distant view of a flat topped hill in a honey pot Derbyshire tourist location.  The track turns into green dots as the tarmac ends and soon I cross a lane close by Bradley Dumble.

Manor House and Morris Minor

My next destination is another popular village with a foundry sort of name. Two Inns here but I’m not making my expected progress so press on leaving by a less popular path through Sycamore Farm. I Look back down across the village from the path and think of men who dug the many pits here using this very path each day to attend their labour.

I’m heading east now towards the village after which the expanse of water is named. Another fine view towards the dam in the south west corner.

On the home stretch but I get a bit ahead of myself expecting to see the tall chimney at a cycle hire centre. A footpath provides a link, climbing up along side the high bank on which runs the Pennine Bridleway. Next comes the safe enclosed path through a disused quarry to meet The Dale which offers an easy approach to a town where the 6.1 will take me back to Belper. A great walk one I will do again but I’ll wait for dryer conditions under foot.

Close to journey's end

Close to journey’s end


3 Responses to “Where am I”

  1. walkingjohnblog Says:

    Too difficult for me ! Sorry. JJ

  2. Geoff Gafford Says:

    Hi. I’m glad you’re enjoying this walk. I’ll be doing it starting in March – see https://litehikersblog.blogspot.co.uk/ – so I’ll look forward to reading your continued progress.

    • The Great English Walk Says:

      Hello Geoff

      Great to hear that you are setting off on the GEW, I’m sure you will enjoy it. Unlike your plan I did the whole walk in stages in 2010-11, I suspect there will have been a few changes since then. I assume you have the guide books but as these were written in 1996 there will be even more changes from the text. I feel sure that I followed the route pretty close I had plotted the route onto GPS but even with that, the guide and OS there were challenges. I look forward to following your blog from 17th March.

      All the best.

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