14 Ch. Minshull – Brereton

Church Minshull to Brereton Green 9.25 miles (14.8Km.)

In 1996 the authors said “This road is too narrow for the traffic level, so take care”, by 2010 it was horrific. I have a will to live and complete this walk so with transport available I avoided this section of road being dropped off at the T-junction with Brookhouse Lane. Here we join the Crewe and Nantwich Circular Walk for a short distance.

Temporary stile over pipeline

Temporary stile over pipeline

Beyond the railway there was serious work in progress. National Grid are building a  new 3.75km gas pipeline to link the underground gas storage facility at Hole House Farm into the national gas transmission system. The path crosses the site and a number of temporary stiles have been provided including steps to assist passage over barriers just 500mm high, I was most impressed by the consideration walkers were given.

Warmingham is a picturesque place having the appearance of a planned estate village. It was sadly, too early in the day to sample the real ale claimed to be available at The Bears Paw.

Approaching Elworth - locals to the left, Definitive path to the right

Approaching Elworth

Approaching Sandbach the map shows a large works and test track. Information gleaned later on a visit to the town reveals it to be the home of Foden Trucks from 1856 when Edwin Foden began his career with a small engineering company near Sandbach in Cheshire that would become Foden Trucks.

M6 - north of junction 17

M6 - north of junction 17

The crossing of a motorway is always accompanied by noise on the approach but then thankfully fades after witnessing the headlong dash to somewhere of all that traffic. It was therefore pleasing to find tranquillity at Brereton Green with the attractive Bear’s Head Inn and Gate Lodge and to note that I had now completed two hundred miles of the walk.

Brereton Green - Bear's Head

Brereton Green - Bear's Head

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Great English Walk map of section 14

Map of section 14

Great English Walk hills and dales of section 14

Section 14 - the work


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