15 Brereton Green – Biddulph

Brereton Green to Biddulph 11 miles (17.6Km.)

Brereton Lodge - with extension

Brereton Lodge - with extension

It was interesting to spot as I wrote these notes that the sketch in the guide of Brereton Lodge is different to the picture taken in 2010. A corridor has been created over the arch to link the two parts of the lodge house, this is not shown in the sketch. Artistic licence, or a recent addition?

Brereton church yard offered a seat and water tap for a peaceful lunch stop with the sun filtering through the trees onto the simple porch free church door.

At Brereton Heath Country Park our route meets the Dane Valley Way a walk from the River Wye at Buxton to the confluence of the River Dane with the River Wheelock at Middlewich. As we approach Sandy Lane the distinctive shape of The Cloud can be seen ahead spurring me on back into the hills. At the road the DVW and GEW could be improved by a prudent diversion to avoid walking alongside the A534 this would add only 70 metres to our route.

Astbury garage beside the A34

Astbury garage beside the A34

It’s a wonder that the little oasis of Astbury has not been absorbed by the expansion of Congleton but it does manage to keep the neighbour one field away and retains the charm of an independent village with church, school, pub and green amid the traffic of close urban life.

The canal at Congleton

The canal at Congleton

The section of the Macclefield canal that we join briefly shows clearly from the map this was a canal built at the very end of the narrow canal era. Gone are the endless meanders found on the early Oxford canal. Here we have long straight sections with cuttings and embankments providing a direct and faster course as railways start to offer competition elsewhere.

Now starts the first climb for miles to Nick i’ th’ Hill on Congleton Edge where we meet the Staffordshire Moorland Walk. Less that 100 metres but it made me puff, just a little. It was a shame that the view wasn’t up to much as I crossed into Staffordshire and dropped down into Biddulph.

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Great English Walk map of section 15

Map of section 15

Great English Walk hills and dales of section 15

Section 15 - the work


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